Organisers: The Spanish Plum Village Sangha (Comunidad Budista del Interser)

Comunidad Budista del Interser, calle Logroño, 23. 42113 Matalebreras (Soria). C.I.F R4200495B.

These Terms and Conditions are current as of February 1st 2014.

We keep our Terms and Conditions under regular review and may be update them periodically. We will place any updates on this webpage.

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance by you and by all persons on whose behalf you are making a booking.

1. Website

Please use this website as a general guide. Every care is taken in the preparation of the content of the website and the Organisers cannot be held responsible for omissions or mistakes that may arise.

2. The Retreat Venue

For the purposes of this document ‘retreat venue’ refers to Escorial-Natura Convention & Resort, carretera M-600, km 3.500. CP: 28280. EL ESCORIAL, MADRID.

3. Contract

Your booking contract is with Comunidad Budista del Interser, calle Logroño, 23. 42113 Matalebreras (Soria). C.I.F R4200495B.

A binding contract is only entered into after we have received payment from you, in cleared funds. By making the booking you accept that you have the authority to bind all members of your party to these Terms and Conditions. The person who makes the booking is completely and exclusively responsible for making sure that all the details entered are completely correct. It is essential that you check the booking details made and inform us immediately of any errors.

4. Force Majeure: Changes or Cancellation by the Organisers because of events beyond our control.

In the event that the Comunidad Budista del Interser provides notification of the cancellation of the booking due to circumstances of Force Majeure, understood as circumstances that are beyond its control, abnormal and unforeseeable, the consequences of which could not have been avoided despite having acted with due diligence, the booking will be cancelled without recourse or compensation. If such circumstances arise, notification shall be provided, if possible, by email. Circumstances beyond our control include, but are not limited, to fire, extreme temperature conditions, earthquakes, accidents, epidemics, destruction or damage to the venue for any other reason, government decisions, war, threat of war, civil uprising, terrorist attack, and biological or chemical contamination.

5. Retreat Leader

In the event of Thich Nhat Hanh being unable to lead the retreat, it is our current intention that the event will still take place, led by Senior Dharma Teachers of Plum Village, with the assistance of senior members of the Spanish Sangha. No refunds will be made in this eventuality and you agree to this by making a booking.

6. Cancelation and Refund Policy

If you need to cancel your booking for the Thich Nhat Hanh Retreat please contact Escorial-Natura Convention & Resort as soon as possible, via this email address, so that your place can be given to someone else:


No refunds are payable for non-use of accommodation or catering services that form part of the retreat package, or for late arrivals or early departures.

Retreat refund amount depends on the date of cancellation as follows:

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7. Personal Insurance

Please consider taking out personal travel insurance to cover cancellation, personal liability, accident or illness as this is not all covered by the event organisers.

8. Arrival and Departure times for the Retreat

The Retreat Venue has promised that bungalows and camping spaces for the Retreat will be available from 3pm on the day you arrive. On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated before 5pm. You may be charged extra if you or members of your party fail to leave on time.

9. Animals and Pets

No animals or pets of any kind, except guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for the deaf, are allowed at the Retreat. Should you intend to bring a guide or hearing dog you must clear this with the Organisers at the time of booking.

10. Conduct during the Retreat

The Retreat Venue has a standard policy that you and members of your party are required to treat its residents, staff and premises with respect. Behaviour which puts others (including retreatants, the Organisers’ personnel or Escorial-Natura Convention & Resort staff) at risk or which is abusive, threatening or offensive will result in your being asked to leave the retreat. Examples of such behaviour include:

• drunken behaviour
• suspected use of illegal substances
• causing a nuisance or disturbance
• unreasonable demands of staff or organisers’ personnel
• foul, racist or otherwise offensive language
• sexually provocative remarks or jokes
• any other form of harassment or assault
• aggressive or violent behaviour
• suspected theft from the organisers, the hotel or other guests
• trespass into staff only areas
• refusing to pay agreed charges

11. Safeguarding Children while on Retreat

You (the parent or carer) acknowledge that you have primary responsibility for the welfare of the children in your care. Children under six years of age will not normally be included in the Retreat Children’s Programme and you agree to ensure that they will be in the care of a responsible adult throughout your stay while on retreat.

12. Loss or Damage to Property of the Retreat Venue or Organisers

You agree to report (by means of the Organisers’ co-coordinator if he/she is still on site or to The Retreat Venue office on the appropriate form if the co-coordinator is not) any physical damage to and/or soiling of The Retreat Venue’s property or premises caused by your negligence or intentionally by you to us as soon as you are able.
You will be liable for the costs of repairing, replacing or making good any damage or soiling arising.

13. Personal Property

The Retreat Venue will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you and your belongings are safe. However you are responsible for ensuring that any rooms relating to your party are locked when not in use and that all members of your party keep with them all of their money and valuables.

Neither the Organisers nor the Retreat Venue, its employees or agents shall be liable for any damage or loss to property, valuables or money of whatever description including (but not limited to) luggage, jewellery, documents, motor vehicles and electrical equipment whether caused by the information that the Organiser or the retreat venue provide, by their failure to keep your belongings safe, or in any other way unless such loss or damage is caused by either the Organisers’ or the Retreat Venue’s deliberate and negligent act or by the deliberate and negligent act of one of their agents or employees.

14. Cars

Each Bungalow may have one car parked outside. Priority will be given to the car that arrives first, any other cars for the same bungalow must be parked in the car park by the entrance to Escorial-Natura Convention & Resort. Camping: similarly, one car can be parked with each tent.

15. Accessibility, Health Problems, Food During the retreat.

If you suffer from any disability or illness that mean you may require special help during the retreat, it is essential that you make this known to the organisers before the retreat, by emailing gira@tnhspain.org with full details.

All food will be vegetarian vegan during the retreat in the Plum Village style. Unfortunately we are unable to provide for special diets, however the bungalows do include basic cooking facilities and a fridge only for those that need to bring and prepare their own special food. Everyone else will be expected to join the main retreat party to eat all meals together in the dining room.

16. Accommodation options:

Single men or women will share twin bedrooms in same-sex 4 person bungalows. Groups and families will share bungalows of up to 5 beds. Couples will each have a twin bedroom in 4 person bungalows.

All bungalow spaces will be filled, according to each bungalow’s destination for singles, couples, groups or families.